Cycling is more than just rounding up the entire park.

It’s more than just being healthy. It’s more than just getting active. It’s more than just losing weight.

Here are some remarkable qualities of a cyclist:

A cyclist is a risk-taker.

Cycling is not just limited to rounding up the entire park, as well as sweating it out indoors. It’s about taking risks on places you’ve never been to. It’s also about taking risks on places you’ve taken for granted. And by taking risks, it means getting the chance to experience the wonders of a place in a new perspective – just letting the wind blow your hair and just letting the birds follow your direction.

A cyclist is a decision-maker.

Be it as simple as learning how to become a professional cyclist or as complex as trying out a cycling route no one else has been to, a cyclist is able to decide about it quickly and act upon it passionately. Even more so, decision-making is something only a few people can master – just enough to know the difference between embarking on a safe route and journeying on a dangerous route.

A cyclist is determined.

It takes a whole lot of time and effort to fully master something you’re good at. You have to learn the basics first, the intermediate second, and the advanced third. You also have to learn its nature, its techniques, and its application. As luck would have it, a cyclist is determined – not just about learning more about his own craft, but also about his own self.

BONUS: A cyclist is patient.

No matter how straight a cycling route is going, a cyclist won’t feel any pressure. No matter how long a cycling route is going, a cyclist won’t also feel any surrender. Instead, he will be patient with himself as he learns more about the importance of cycling in one’s life.