6 Bicycling Essentials for Your Starter Kit

Proper gears and tools are essential to bicycling for reasons like safety, comfort, and convenience among others. And whether you are taking up bicycling for commuting and fitness or as a competitive sport, you need to invest on good quality gears and tools that will come in handy in your biking life. If you are into bike commuting or biking for fitness and recreation, here are some of the basic things you need on your starter pack.

Bike Helmets
bicycle helmet
A bicycle helmet is one of the most important gears every cyclist must have. It offers protection against injuries in case of accidental falls or crashes. Choose a good quality helmet by checking out the safety features and the level of protection it provides.

Lights and Reflectors
bicycle lights
Bicycling lighting is a must-have safety precaution regardless if you have no plans of biking around at night. Along with reflectors, bike lights make you more visible to vehicle drivers and other cyclists. And it comes handy not just at night like on foggy days when you have to set out on your bike commute or exercise.

Fenders & Mudguards
bicycle fender
You won’t truly appreciate the value of a bike fender or mudguard until you experience having splatters of rainwater, dirt, or mud on your clothes. It is a must-have especially for bike commuting as it will your clothes as clean and dry as possible enroute to your destination — rain or shine.

Tools and Storage Containers
bicycle multitool
Keep some basic tools handy like a pump, sealant, or any other item that could help you deal with some emergency repairs like an unexpected flat tire. Put it in a storage container that you can attach or clip on to your bike.

Bike Bell
bicycle bell
A bell is a more convenient way of quickly getting people’s attention than calling out to them. It is also a great way to keep yourself and any pedestrians on your path safe.

bicycle lock
Bicycle theft is a common problem among bikers. And it could happen to anyone. The best way to prevent possible theft is not to make it easier for anyone to steal your bike. Get a good lock that offers the best level of theft protection. This should help you worry less about leaving your bike anywhere.