Exhausted after a cycling session? It would be nice to rest in a cold room with the air conditioner or the fan on, wouldn’t it? But what if the power’s out?

There’s only one thing to do—turn on the inverter generator.

If you don’t have one, then it’s high time to own one. But first, you need to understand it.


An inverter generator converts AC to DC then inverts it back to AC to produce cleaner power, eliminating voltage fluctuations.



Square Wave

This type of inverter isn’t common, but they’re perfect for supplying power to universal motors like the ones found in power tools. They’re the cheapest, but finding one is difficult.

Sine Wave


This type delivers the same wave as what power companies provide. They utilize AC hardware that generates sine wave power naturally. They have higher price tags compared to others, but the quality of the energy they create is a lot higher and cleaner.

Modified Sine Wave

This type of generator produces electricity with a waveform that’s more identical to the square wave inverter than to the sine wave one. Your fan, pump motor, and refrigerator will be less efficient using this type of inverter compared to a sine wave one. They’re also not recommended to be used with appliances that have temperature control. However, all other devices can function properly using this type.


The following are the benefits of inverter generators.

  • They operate more efficiently than conventional ones.
  • They consume less energy and have fewer emissions.
  • Kipor_IG2600h_Inverter-Stromerzeuger-2Because they’re small and light, they can be brought anywhere, handled, and stored with ease. In short, inverters are portable.
  • They can be used with more than one generator to increase the electricity output.
  • They are more advanced than older generators.
  • You can save fuel because they can adjust to the required load.
  • They are quieter than standard generators.
  • They can work with delicate electronics like phones, tablets, and laptops.

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