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5 of the Best Cycling Books for Riders

Ler Devagar

Cycling is a world made up of different types of riders. Life on two wheels is essentially a wealth of possibilities where a rider can continually learn, develop, and find ways to make the journey more fun and fulfilling. From bike commuting to pro cycling and all types of bike riding in between, here are five of the best books to read for every type of cyclist.

1. The Bike Book: Complete Bicycle Maintenance by Mark Storey

Bicycle maintenance and repairs may seem like daunting tasks for beginners. But these are necessary skills for every rider. Knowing how to fix or replace a flat tire, adjust brakes, and more are essential for safe, comfortable, and efficient biking experiences. The Bike Book is a handy guide with illustrations that will help it make easier even for any newbie to take on the task of maintaining or fixing a bike.

2. City Cycling by Richard Ballantine

This book explores city cycling and provides helpful guides for urban cyclists. It shares information and insights on picking a good bike, navigating traffic, and other safety-related topics that road and city cyclists need to know.

3. Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle by Dervla Murphy

Imagine traveling to another country on a bicycle. Full Tilt shares the story of a woman who biked her way from Ireland to India. It is an awe-inspiring tale of the good and the challenges that happens on a bike journey that takes the rider through countries like Europe and Afghanistan among others.

4. It’s All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels by Robert Penn

This book is truly all about the bike. It is the story of one man’s journeys, experiences, and discoveries in his quest to build a custom bike. From bike parts to design and the building of the bike itself, the book puts a more engaging spin into the explorations of the anatomy of a bike.

5. On the Road Bike: The Search for a Nation’s Cycling Soul by Ned Boulting

Britain is home to many cyclists with many taking on the passion for cycling into whole new levels. In this book, Ned Boulting explores the soul behind the country’s fascination with cycling. It takes into different types of riders and the places they go for a good ride.

Making Every Bicycle Ride Count


Riding a bicycle can be truly exciting.

You will not only get to feel that cool wind blowing on your face. You will also feel that warm sun shining on your body. You will not only see that clear blue sky over the horizon. You will also see that starry night sky over the horizon. You will not only hear all sorts of music around you. You will also hear all sorts of nature around you. Even more so you will not only roam around the place easily. You will also roam around the place conveniently.

Thus, it’s only right for you to make every bicycle ride count by:

Checking Your Bike Regularly

You’ll never know. One of your only two tires blew off yesterday while going for a ride in the city side. You’ll also never know. One of your two rear mirrors get stolen last night while going for a ride in the country side. Thus, you need to check your bike regularly – not just to prevent yourself from any accidents that might happen on the road due to unchecked parts of your bike that are damaged, but also to prevent anyone from getting from any accidents that might happen on the road due to unchecked parts of the bike that are missing. You can even do this with the help of the best value LED growing lights.

Taking It Easy With Your Bike

It’s one thing to go on a bicycle ride on a well-known hiking trail. It’s another thing to go on a bicycle ride on an unknown trekking road. Even more so, riding a bicycle takes both time and effort – factors that will not just make you the best bicycle rider out there, but also break you the best bicycle rider out there. Thus, you need to take it easy with your bike – not just to not just to prevent anyone from any accidents that might happen on the road due to unchecked parts of your bike that are damaged, but also to prevent yourself from going way beyond what we can only afford due to my 1-day admission to the hospital, as well as being subjected for doctors to prevent you prescribe you form doing anything about his current raps?

And that’s why you should make every bicycle ride count…

And that’s also why you should make your bicycle ride count more than ever…

Remarkable Qualities Of A Cyclist


Cycling is more than just rounding up the entire park.

It’s more than just being healthy. It’s more than just getting active. It’s more than just losing weight.

Here are some remarkable qualities of a cyclist:

A cyclist is a risk-taker.

Cycling is not just limited to rounding up the entire park, as well as sweating it out indoors. It’s about taking risks on places you’ve never been to. It’s also about taking risks on places you’ve taken for granted. And by taking risks, it means getting the chance to experience the wonders of a place in a new perspective – just letting the wind blow your hair and just letting the birds follow your direction.

A cyclist is a decision-maker.

Be it as simple as learning how to become a professional cyclist or as complex as trying out a cycling route no one else has been to, a cyclist is able to decide about it quickly and act upon it passionately. Even more so, decision-making is something only a few people can master – just enough to know the difference between embarking on a safe route and journeying on a dangerous route.

A cyclist is determined.

It takes a whole lot of time and effort to fully master something you’re good at. You have to learn the basics first, the intermediate second, and the advanced third. You also have to learn its nature, its techniques, and its application. As luck would have it, a cyclist is determined – not just about learning more about his own craft, but also about his own self.

BONUS: A cyclist is patient.

No matter how straight a cycling route is going, a cyclist won’t feel any pressure. No matter how long a cycling route is going, a cyclist won’t also feel any surrender. Instead, he will be patient with himself as he learns more about the importance of cycling in one’s life.


4 Best Destinations in the World for Bicycle Touring

Imagine traveling long distances on your bike across cities or countries. The idea may seem daunting, especially if you have not even ventured that far from the familiar roads and paths of home. But it may well be one of the challenges you won’t regret taking on at least once. Journeying to different destinations on two wheels has all the makings of memorable experiences and the amazing stories they make.

Australia’s beautiful and diverse scenery makes it a great place for bicycle touring. The open roads, seemingly endless dirt tracks, coastal bike trails, and so much more await anyone who is up for a long distance ride. To explore the whole country on two wheels will take months or even years with so much ground to cover. Some of the best places to go for scenic bike touring rides include the Bass Coast Rail Trail, Grand Ridge Road, Great Ocean Road, the Munda Biddi Trail in Western Australia, and Tasmania’s East Coast among many others.

It should not come as a surprise that a country teeming with spectacular natural scenery is also one of the most popular bike touring destinations in the world. Long distance rides on roads, woodlands, lakeside paths, and mountain trails with breathtaking views all around are among the things worth doing when in Chile. The Atacama Desert, Lake District, and Patagonia are just some of the bicycle touring destinations that should definitely be on your list.


Bike touring in France is an experience of a lifetime with many possible destinations to explore on or off-the-beaten French cycling paths. Explore the roads and trails of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire Valley, Normandy, Petit Lubéron valley in Provence, Route des Vins in Alsace, Route du Sel (salt road), and more.

Pristine scenery and diverse terrain are among Norway’s top bike touring attractions. There is no dearth of delightful places to go for long distance rides where you can discover more of the country’s attractions. The fjord regions and Trondheim are among the top places to go for some really spectacular views on two wheels.

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